The Project

Mainstreaming Sexual and Gender-Related Violence sensibilities into university courses through Photovoice experiences

The project PhV_SeGReV (Ref. 2020 INDOV 00003) has aimed to create an internationally validated material that allows to introduce sexual and gender-related violence (SGRV) as part of the academic curriculum at universities and to do it through a feminist and innovative pedagogical methodology: the photovoice.

The photovoice is a community participatory action research methodology that has been used in multiple contexts and with very diverse social groups, aimed at denouncing oppressive conditions or community needs, all through photographs and narratives.

However, it has also been used as a pedagogical tool in educational contexts, promoting critical thinking in students about different social problems. Thus, our proposal of the use of photovoice in teaching practice is likely to have a transformative effect, contributing to raising awareness of SGRV, both among teachers and students.

Our international (Catalonia, Spain, Australia, South Africa and Mexico) and interdisciplinary (education, psychology, anthropology, health, sociology, philology, communication, politics, etc.) team has worked around 3 interconnected lines of work: (1) Coordination, (2) Research-Action and (3) Dissemination/Diffusion.

The expertise and strong research background of the team members on the subject has allowed to carry out the design of 2 sets of pedagogical videos at SGRV and photovoice. In addition, through the collaborative design of classroom dynamics and the learning obtained from the evaluation of previous experiences and the implementation of two COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) processes in the framework of the project, we have developed a teaching guide in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) to implement them. You can consult our evaluation videos here; you can consult our guide in the section on Teaching Materials and the online exhibition.

The COIL experiences have been carried out with students from Catalonia, the Basque Country, Mexico and Argentina, who, through different sessions, have shared their perceptions and experiences about SGRV through collaborative learning. Here you can see the online exhibition of the photo-narratives produced and here the final videos produced by each of the groups.

Actions developed

  • 1.Collective evaluation of previous experiences: Different methodological meetings were held with experts in photovoice and feminist pedagogies in which we reflected on the potentials and limits of our previous implementations.
  • 2.Design of five training videos for university teachers on photovoice and SGRV: We develop training panels so that teachers can implement photovoice on SGRV in their classrooms, you can access the videos here.
  • 3.Teaching guide: We also design a proposal for implementing photovoice on SGRV, which you can access here (link)
  • 4.COIL: which we tested with our COIL experiences with international students. You can see the final creations of the students who participated here. It is necessary to take into account that to share the photo-narratives and videos of the students we have to have their consent. Here you can find models of informed consent for it: Cast Cat Eng
  • 5.Evaluation: The COIL experiences were evaluated through the creation of two questionnaires, one for the students who had experienced COIL and one for the students who attended the dissemination activities.